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Objet Water

Objet Water

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Objet Water presents a twist that transforms into a blurry finish with a clear watery texture when it fits on your lips. Due to the perfect adhesion, the surface of the lips does not feel lifted or smeared, and only vivid color remains for a long time.

The powerful moisturizing effect of hyaluronic acid and hypoallergenic moisturizing formula makes you feel as comfortable as if you were wearing no makeup.

Immerse yourself in the color of the translucent object water that creates a dramatic flow and gives you a sense of mystery.

  • 001 Signature: Signature beige rose with an elegant and alluring mood of MUZIGAE MANSION.
  • 002 Spicy: Neutral red with a sophisticated and modern attitude that gets richer through layering.
  • 003 Posh: Clean and subtle mauve that is luxury and attention-catching.
  • 004 Celeb: Fuchsia pink with the bold and bright intensity that exudes admiration.
  • 005 Diva: Pink rose that everyone can't help but fall in love with
  • 006 Behind: Urban pink that is calm and feels its presence
  • 007 Rare: Soft brick color that overwhelms you with an unusual atmosphere
  • 008 Pitch: Rose Depp in a luxurious mood, the pinnacle of classic and trendy


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