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Fitting Highlighter

Fitting Highlighter

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  • Double kneading: By adding technology to a specialized mixer, moisturizing ingredients rapidly penetrate the powder to express a moist, fluffy texture and luxurious, silky skin.
  • High beam: Unrivaled highlighting that creates the maximum glow in the formulation with technology that raises the glitters in the powder to the surface.
  • Soft touch: Soft touch as if the powder of fine particles melts when it touches your fingertips.
  • Vegan Base: Uses carefully selected vegan bases that have passed the vegan certification of the UK's world's oldest and most professional vegan society.


  • FABULOUS: A clear white base with pink and purple glitter is the main ingredient to create a pure and mysterious moisturizing glow.
  • GORGEOUS: A special recipe to create an unrivaled prism glow that matches any angle, regardless of tone language.


Apply a moderate amount with your fingertip or the applicator, and gently spread it on the upper part of the cheekbones and cheeks as if touching them.

Each person may have different effects.

* All purchased items are Made in Korea.

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